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Baby Face in Japanese

This Child is my Child. They are all cute, the girls of my house. Arms and legs move freely, all kinds of poses are possible. Please give her a name.

Beneath clear sunlight six girls are calling you. "Let's be friends", "Please become our big sister"... Look at them carefully...choose your own child among the six. Then give her a pretty name and be a good friend to her.

Japanese Penny Japanese Laura
This child is Oshama.
She's very good at making pleasant chatter.
This child is Omase.
Her speciality is blowing kisses and she's very popular with boys too.
Japanese Heidi Japanese Sarah
This child is Oshare.
She's always careful about her clothes and her hairstyle. Please give her a name.
This child is Amaekko.
She loves being cuddled.
Japanese Dee Dee Japanese Sherri
This child is Ochame.
She's cute and sometimes mischievious.
This child is Osumashi.
Maybe she's a princess? She's graceful even when she laughs.

Special thanks to Stawberry Shortcake, Baby Face collector from Singapore, for doing such a wonderful job, in providing all the charming translations for these adorable Japanese Baby Face dolls for us.

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