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Baby Face Worldwide

Baby Face were 'Born in the USA', but they were also produced for many other countries around the world. Most of them look identical to the American versions and wear the same outfits, but there were some minor fabric variations on the outfits of some of the dolls. The box designs were also the same as the USA versions, except for the addition of not being in English language. The one exception were the dolls made for the Japanese toy market. The doll boxes were completely redesigned and they were totally in Japanese. These dolls are very hard to find, so I think they may have been produced in very limited numbers.

Japanese Baby Face boxes

To see the back view of the box click here.

They used familiar molds for the dolls, (Sherry, Sandi,Sarah, Penny, Dee Dee and Heidi), but their outfits were completely unique and different. Interestingly enough they were all brown eyed blondes and the two Asian dolls, Naomi and Kerri, were not produced for Japan. Here is a group photo of the Japanese dolls having a picnic. Go on to the next page for more about them, including individual photos and translations.

Group picture of Japanese Baby Face dolls