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Baby Face F. A. Q.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Face dolls, with some answers.

What is a Baby Face doll?

Baby Face dolls are 13 1/2" tall, strung dolls, made of high quality vinyl. They have large acrylic glass eyes and "real" eyelashes and are fully jointed and completely poseable. Each one has its own unique character and expression, smiling, pouting, looking innocent or sorry, with a name that reflects their individual look and personality. Although originally designed as a children's play doll, adults immediately were attracted to them and as a result, they became an instant collectible.

Who made Baby Face dolls?

Baby Face dolls were designed by Mel Birnkrant, who made the original sculpts. Along with his partners at Kiscom Inc. in 1990 they licensed the designs to Lewis Galoob Toy Company. Judy Albert, also known for her work on Cabbage Patch dolls, created the outfits which were a big part of the "look" of the dolls.

When were they made?

Baby Face dolls were made for only two years, 1991 and 1992.

Why did they stop making them?

Baby Face were one of the top selling dolls in the two years that they were made. The biggest toy seller, at that time was ToysRUs and they LOVED Baby Face. They loved her so much that they chose her, as well as some other popular toys of the day, to be used as loss leaders. By selling Baby Face below cost to bring in customers to thier stores, they made it impossible for Galoob to sell Baby Face to thier other vendors, such as Kay Bee, Kiddie City, etc. The other merchants either had to lower thier prices and also sell at a loss or else they would not be able to compete. The end result was, that they refused to order any more Baby Face dolls. Galoob could not continue with ToysRUs as their only customer, so the decision in essence, was made for them. They had no choice but to end production of the Baby Face line.

How many different Baby Face dolls are there?

There were a total of 36 (37 if you count Denny) Baby Face dolls made from 19 different molds.

Where can I get a Baby Face doll?

Today, the best place to find Baby Face dolls is on eBay. They also turn up at doll shows, flea markets and thrift stores.

I found a Baby Face doll. How can I tell which one she is?

Baby Face dolls can be easily identified by the mold number found on the back of the neck. See our page Baby Face By The Numbers in the Identification section for a complete list of all the molds with pictures and descriptions of all the individual dolls.

What does my Baby Face doll's original outfit look like?

On our Dolls page and also on the Baby Face By the Numbers page in the Identification section you will find pictures of all the dolls in thier complete original outfits.