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Rarity Ranking List

Since "all Baby Face were not created equal" we have this list to help you figure out which dolls are harder to find and therfore in most cases will be more expensive. Dolls are ranked by availability and the list is updated periodically to try and keep it representative of the current market conditions. The top three rankings are the rarest, hardest to find dolls. The bottom three rankings are the very common, easy to find ones.

  1. Denny
  2. Abby, black Becca, black Sarah
  3. Sally
  4. black Cara, black Hannah
  5. Mia, Robyn, black Penny, black Sherri
  6. Karen, Sheila
  7. Tina, Carmen, Naomi, Kerri
  8. Beth, Charlene, Marcy, black Dee Dee
  9. blue-eyed Dee Dee, Cara, Hannah
  10. black Suzie, black Natalie
  11. Laura, Becca, Brooke
  12. Penny, Natalie, Heidi
  13. Sherri, Sarah
  14. Sandi, violet-eyed Dee Dee
  15. Suzie, Cynthia

This list was revised in August 2008 with the help of the members of the Baby Face Workshop. Thank you to all who provided their input to help keep the list up to date.