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Canadian Baby Face Dolls

Since Canada is a bilingual country, the boxes for the Canadian dolls are written in both English and French.  Mostly in English with part of it written in French. Even out of the box, the Canadian version of Baby Face dolls can be distinguished by the substitution of lace fabric for the organza that was used on the rest of the Baby Face dolls.

The lace can be clearly seen in the hats, dress trim and shoelaces of these two examples of a Cynthia and Dee Deel

  Canadian Cynthia and Dee Dee

Canadian Laura and Penny also have the lace trim and shoe laces. The boxes that these dolls came in, look just like the US ones that we are familiar with, but had both English and French on them in accordance with Canadian law. In all other respects the Canadian Baby Face are identical to the American versions.

Canadian Laura and Penny

The Canadian Mail Order Party dress, shown below, also exhibits the telltale lace, which identifies it's country of origin. This example, is the most traveled Baby Face item that I have in my collection. It was probably made in a factory in China, where all the Baby Face were made, shipped to North America and found its way to a Canadian Baby Face doll owner. It remained there until recently it was sent to Sweden, to Baby Face collector Vivi Bodin. I purchased it from her and she sent it airmail to me in America. So, you see, this outfit has traveled around the world before arriving here to be shown to you! Thanks Vivi!

Canadian Mail Order Party Dress

This seems to be a very rare dress. The Canadian version of the Ball Gown. If anyone has this dress, I would like a better photo of it, with the doll wearing her proper pink pumps and head gear.

Canadian Ball Gown