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Other Foreign Baby Face Dolls

Baby Face dolls sold in other countries, their box design were identical to ours, but they were entirely written in the language of that particular country.  Below on the left is what I originally thought was a Spanish doll, but on closer inspection I see that she is Italian black Susie. On the right is a Dee Dee I believe made for Finland called Herkkusuu Heidi.  Her box is written entirely in Finnish or Suomi (official Finnish language) or possible Swedish, except for the Baby Face logo, and the dolls pictured on the back all are renamed with Finnish or Suomi names. She came dressed in Sherri's outfit. I was told that this is probably because Galoob sent all their leftovers overseas, so this is quite a common occurance with the foreign dolls, that they would just dress them in whatever they had available.  She also came with an untagged second dress in different fabric, with Sandi's headband along with it. The seller told me that all of the foreign market dolls that she had came with this same additional dress, but I have never seen it before.  I will add a picture soon of her wearing this unusual dress.

Italian and Finnish Baby Face Dolls

Italian Baby Face black SuzieFinnish Baby Face Dee Dee