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Oodles By The Numbers

First Family: Coochy Coodles

(Nude Oodles)

Coochy Coodles are sweet little Oodles that are ticked pink from Oodletop to Oodle toe. They don't have clothes, but they sure have fun! Coochy Coodles love to play and laugh, but if you ask them, friendship is the most wonderloodle thing in the world!

Second Family: Peek-A-Boodles

(Oodles with accessories)

Peek-A-Boodles are a talented bunch of Oodles. They're good at almost everything they do--making friends, making music and even making mischief. Spend some time with Peek-A-Boodles and you will see that fun is their specioodality!

Third Family: Rock-A-Bye Boodles

(Oodles with clothes)

Rock-A-Bye Boodles are Oodles that love to dress up, even when they have no where to go. That's cause Rock-A-Bye Boodles have fun wherever they are! They know how to laugh and play gamnes, but they must admit, putting on special clothes makes them feel beautifoodle!

Fourth Family: Curly Q'Oodles

(Oodles with toys)

Curly Q'Oodles are a family of Oodles that love to play more than anything! That's why you will never find a Curly Q'Oodle far from his or her favorite toy. The best part is they love to share....so if you spend some of the day with a Curly Q'Oodle you're in for a sensationoodle time!

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