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Oodles titile

"Did ya ever meet an Oodle? They're little bundoodles of joy that bring kaboodles of fun! There are Coochy Coodles, Peek-A-Boodles, Rock-A-Bye Boodles and Curly Q Oodles. Each one has an oodleloop on top so you can string them on a bracelet, necklace, or chain. Each also comes with his or her own Collectaboodles card. No one knows for sure where Oodles come from, but wherever they go, they bring oodles and oodles of love!"

Oodle drawing

I love the little kewpie-like Oodles babies because to me, they really represent the roots of Baby Face. They are from the mid 1980's and were little plastic figures topped with a DairyQueenish curlique hairdo that formed a loop. You could string a cord or ribbon through it to make Oodles garlands, necklaces and bracelets. Each Oodle had its own facial expression that gave it personality, just like their future big sisters would have a few years later. Every one was made in a different position, which also added to their uniqueness and reminds us of the dolls to come which were actually posable.

These are the first Oodle sculpts that Mel did. If you click on the picture, you can see a slideshow of all the individual sculpy Oodles. These original sculpys were used to make the molds for the Oodles figures.

LJN created an interesting trade brochure to introduce Oodles to the industry. It opened up in the center and folded out to 24" wide and had a center pocket to hold the photos which showed all the Oodle Families. The Oodle drawings in the brochure were not done by Mel. They were done by an artist hired by LJN. Click on the cover picture to see the brochure contents.

The colors of oodles

Here are some Oodles from our collection, which clearly shows the "colors of Oodles". You can see how ecumenical they were, as they were made in four different shades to reflect the different skin tones of the people of the world.