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Cuddle On Delivery - Page Two

COD mailbox highchair

In addition to the mailbox/cradle and the mailbox/hghchair, according to the TYCO Catalog there was a mail truck/stroller. We have not been able to find any examples of the stroller, so perhaps it was not actually produced before the CODs were cancelled. If you have the stroller, please send us a photo of it. To see a picture of the stroller from the TYCO catalog and the other pictures from the calalog click here.

COD Commercials

COD's at the Toy Store

COD dolls in boxes

CODs had a very successful first year for TYCO and things were really lookin' good for them. Many more variations were planned for the coming year, but unfortunately before that could happen, cruel fate stepped in again. Mattel bought TYCO and ended them, along with a huge number of TYCO employees. So, we are once again sad and left wanting. We fervently hoped that Mel would create another baby for us and we were eagerly looking forward to a next generation baby. Alas, that was not to be. Although Mel did design several more dolls and babies, the only baby doll that actually made it to the store shelves before his retirement, were more of a toy than a doll. They were the Babblin Babies, which you can read about here.

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