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Ms Pamela's Photography Tutorial - page 4

Using Props

Props are a great way to get your message across. See the little baby taking her sock off, her little pose makes you think you can almost hear her giggle. In the other photo little Natalie is snuggled up to her teddy so calm and still. However, that leg thrown over the top of him suggests an active little girl who is resting only for the moment.!Example 9

In this second set of fotos using props, the first picture suggests that this puppy may be a bit heavy for this little girl but she doesn’t care, she just loves him so much. You can just see it in her face. A little time and effort spent to get just the right angle both of pose and eye line will reward you with an outstanding photo every time. In the second photo. Tina’s eye line is such that you can just see her talking to her little lambs and the slight tilt of her body suggests action. All these things are necessary tools to creating wonderful stories or vignettes with your dolls, these are the things that make your dolls “come alive”. Example

The use of props in portraits can really help to enhance the photo and help to make the doll even more endearing. These photos would be a wonderful entry in the Photogenic category in a Pageant, in fact little “Natasha” in her Valentines Dress is a perfect entry for the Photogenic Competition in the Miss Baby Face Pageant....This photo has everything, Natasha has an animated expression, it is very colourful and alive and the prop enhances the scene but does not overpower the doll, which should be the main focus of the fotograph. Always remember that the DOLL is what you should be seeing, if and when you take more notice of the dolls surroundings or the props, you need to cut back...the doll should always have centre stage. Be very careful not to let props and settings distract from the main reason you are taking the photo in the first place. Example 11