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Baby Face PVC Figures

Baby Face Tender Feelings Figures

There were two types of PVC figures, Tender Feelings and Magic Diaper Babies. Tender Feelings were a set of eight little Baby Face figures. They were Suzie, Sarah, Sherri, Dee Dee, Cynthia, Laura, Natalie and Heidi. Each doll holds a heart and came with a roll of stickers with their "Tender Feeling" message, such as "You're So Sweet", "Give Me A Hug" and "Let's Play". To see the ad click here. This is a complete set of the Tender Feelings figures MOC. You can click on any individual image for a larger view.

Tender Feelings SuzieTender Feelings Sarah

Tender Feelings SherriTender Feelings Dee Dee

Tender Feelings CynthiaTender Feelings Laura

Tender Feelings NatalieTender Feelings Heidi

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