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Welcome to, All About Collecting Galoob Baby Face Dolls by Mel Birnkrant, the online resource for collectors of Galoob Baby Face dolls. We were the first website about Baby Face dolls and started out as a few little pages on AOL called Francine's Baby Face Page. We got our own domain a few years later in 1999 and gave been ever growing and evolving since then.

I hope that collectors of Baby Face dolls both new and old, will find this website useful and will not only enjoy, but participate in this effort to create a comprehensive BabyFaceopedia of all things Baby Face. There are pictures of the dolls, outfits, accessories, other related merchandise, some rare and one of a kind items from my personal collection, from the collections of many other generous Baby Face collectors from all over the world and even some contributions from Mel Birnkrant, the father of Baby Face, himself.

under construction

UPDATE: We have been working on a new design for our webste, which you can now see. As of today, all the old pages are now gone and replaced by new ones, which we have expanded the contents to add new pictures and information. We have not finished replacing all the old pictures yet, so in some cases you will still see I have used the old photos of some items, but I am continuing to work on this. Since we have so many new things to add, we can't do it all at once, so we will be continuing to add new pages, videos and photos weekly and will post on the Blog to let you know where they are located. If you look around the site, you will see some new areas that we have added and also some placeholders to show were some of the future new pages will be.

We also welcome your contributions of pictures of prototype dolls, OOAK custom Baby Face and also Baby Face licensed merchandise and a few other items that we either don't have pictures of yet or that we need better photos. Let us know what you have in your collection that you think would be of interest to other Baby Face collectors.